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MIMP favorite Katelyn has a brand new music video out that she’d like to share…Give it a listen and say something sweet.


Check out Katelyn’s new set shot by her bestie and fellow MIMP star Nicole happening now on the site and app! Here’s a little teaser:

Description: http://assets.tumblr.com/images/inline_photo.png?2


But you can find it all RIGHT HERE


MIMP besties Katelyn and Nicole were getting ready for a night out in LA last week. Turns out they were also plotting a new shoot for the site via Gchat…

: Sweet. I’m putting it on my calendar right now.
6:50 PM Nicole: awesome.
  i’m excited
  he seems to think you and I will come up with some good stuff!
 Katelyn: Yay! He’s right ;)
 Nicole: tee hee
  do you have any particular shots in mind that you want?
  definitely pole
6:52 PM Katelyn: Oh definitely. We should revisit the chair, obviously
 Nicole: duh
  i mean
  no brainer!
6:54 PM Katelyn: Shots from behind the keyboard might be cool
 Nicole: yeah we’ll get some cool shit
  get that mirror hung in your bedroom, girl!
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