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I have been 24 officially for 24 hours (I was an afternoon baby).

Everyone has asked me if I feel any different and, I have to say, it feels pretty much the same. I look in the mirror and, my hair, while getting longer, is not greying. My skin is still soft; butt is still enormous.

However, what I am noticing is that I cannot recover quickly from excessive drinking like I did when I turned 23. When I was 23, a bottle of wine was an after work snack. At 24, a tequila shot and three margaritas leaves me dreaming about my bed while pretending to work.

Though, while I am spending my day trying to stay hydrated and chewing on toast, I am smiling to myself because last night I spent my birthday with some of the greatest people I know, and I am looking forward to drinking the night away with them again soon.

But like, maybe not until this weekend okay? This old lady needs a nap.




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I Can’t Sleep Naked



You guys, I have a super unsexy confession to make. I can’t, and never have been able to, sleep naked.

I’m currently one half of a serious relationship that often sleeps in the same bed. His side desires no clothes, while mine wants all the clothes possible. I regularly sleep in about three layers of cozy sleepwear. My typical #OOTN (outfit of the night, y’all) is an old tee shirt, sweatpants, sweatshirt and socks. I know, where is the beanie and scarf? Now I realize that sounds excessive, but hear me out. I go to bed looking like Nanook of the North, and miraculously wake up in the morning with several layers removed.

I can’t, won’t and, don’t sleep naked, but I do a mean subconscious strip tease, complete with neatly folded socks at the end of the bed.

This phenomenon has remained a mystery to anyone who’s ever been intimate with me, bless their tolerant hearts. I realize that this is terribly weird and unsexy, but not wearing clothes feels foreign, strange, and somewhat dirty on my nice clean sheets. I don’t get it because I definitely didn’t grow up in a home where nudity was taboo. The very best I can offer is a tank top and full-butt covering granny panties. Sort of adorable? Hard to tell.

Of course I could enter the world of sexy lingerie with silk teddies and such, but it’s expensive and reminiscent of bad porn. I can’t justify spending at least a hundred bucks on something that will be tortured with things like night sweat. Also, it looks constricting and unbreathable. Sleeping is all about comfort, which means I need the touch, the feel of cotton, the fabric of my life.

Sure, I could even invest in upscale fantasy loungewear from Anthropologie, but I’ve yet to find a need for either a robe or $150 camisole designed for sleep.

Does my boyfriend care how dumpy I look at bedtime? Not at all; he loves me and thinks I’m beautiful always (or so he SAYS). Does he care that I impose my anal quirks on him in my own bed? Absolutely.

Going back to the clean sheets business. It doesn’t bother me to be sleeping next to a nude person, but it does bother me when it’s in my bed. I love clean sheets, but I hate doing laundry. So, the logical thing would be to keep the sheets as clean as possible in between washings. People are just dirty and sweaty in general. I’m a clean freak (read the word freak very seriously). I guess this comes down to laziness.

So, we have agreed on something called “fish pants,” which really isn’t as strange as it sounds. It’s a pair of jammie shorts that have fish on them procured from Target as a peace offering. The fish pants live in my pajama drawer and are used for sleepy times at my place (He is free to be…well, free in his own bed without a peep from me because he does his own laundry). Does he protest every time? Yes. There’s a lot of melodramatic cries about “suffocation” and “constriction.”

It’s not unjust. I am a monster, an unsexy monster who has weird hangups.

But he does it because he loves me, all of me, swathed in three layers of pilly cotton.



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1. What is your go-to pajama outfit?


I basically just sleep in underwear all year round! But if it’s too cold I’ll wear my dude’s favourite Star Wars shirt that I’ve managed to steal.


2. What’s your current favorite song on repeat?

It was impossible to choose just one, so here are my top three:


Better Days - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

Kiss Land - The Weeknd

Do I Wanna Know - Arctic Monkeys


3. Where is the weirdest place you’ve had sex?


I’m actually fairly tame in my sexual escapades, so a car is about as ‘weird’ as I’ve gotten… so far.


4. What is your favorite holiday?

I absolutely adore India, I’ve been there a few times and the culture never fails to astound me. Although, spending summer at home in Australia is just as beautiful.


5. What do you want to be when you grow up?

I’m at university studying Visual Communication at the moment; it’s my dream to work in photojournalism.



Tumblr, where I post weird/interesting things: http://ipsoscustodes.tumblr.com 
Twitter, where I talk smack about everything and post hilarious things my friends say: @elbirrettnafne
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Do you have any tattoos?


What do you do when you’re home alone?

Lots of yoga, lots of pesto pasta, lots of Netflix

Cats or dogs?

One dog, a boxer

Where did you grow up?

I didn’t

What is your favorite part of your body?

Legs, of course

What is your favorite holiday?


Who is your dream celebrity boyfriend?

Probably Alan Rickman, honestly

What is the last concert you saw?

Bon Iver

Are you more of a girly girl or tomboy?

I’m a girly girl who never wants to go inside. I think that makes me a fairy?


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Learning to Embrace My Sexuality, One Selfie at a Time

Most of us know that women tend to be shamed for their sexuality, no matter what their orientation is. Let’s face it; women of all colors, shapes, sizes, and backgrounds are shamed for almost anything they do, and some more than others. I am one of many who have unconsciously allowed our cultures restrictions to sink in, causing insecurity and much self-doubt.

This insecurity is the opposite of self-love, because loving yourself means embracing all that you are and focusing on your inner and outer beauty. It’s a conscious effort, but I’ve worked to break these barriers within my society-ridden brain. It’s everyday work but as women it is important for our self-love and healthy well-being.

I have gone through most of my brief adult life focusing so much on loving other people I forgot to love myself. I thought, “What does it mean to love myself?” There are many parts to it. From eating right, to sleeping enough, exercising, taking mental breaks from the world, and many more. Not all aspects of loving yourself are difficult. Ask yourself which aspect of loving yourself that you feel you need to nurture most, and then nurture the hell out of it. Once you’re past the first obstacle, nurture your whole self all the time!

Part of my journey to loving myself better is large in part with embracing my sexuality, which is a very conscious effort. That’s the part I needed to nurture the most. It took me some time to realize that embracing my sexuality is a part of loving my entire self. After all, it is a part of me. An important part!

Sex can be so taboo in our sometimes-uptight American society. And while I’m growing up, I’ve found that at times it’s hard to see my own sexiness. I am haunted by echoes of my family telling me what a lovely “girl” I am that I forget I am no longer that little girl, but a strong young woman with her own life path.

Here are the 5 ways I’ve begun to embrace my sexuality:

1. Accepting my flaws and loving the way I look

I read a blog on Tumblr once from this girl giving tips on how to love yourself. I clicked right away because I had already had the epiphany that that’s what I needed to do, but I wasn’t sure where to start. She gave tips like, “stay in your underwear while getting ready.” It sounded so simple but I tried it and it worked. I admired the way my body looked in my bralette and underwear. I liked my underwear and finally somebody was seeing even the sexy ones: me!

Another tip was to masturbate, but we’ll get to that.

Look, we all have our insecure days, no doubt. I don’t run around thinking I’m prettier than everyone else or the prettiest fish in the sea. But I do like what I see in the mirror. Not just because I sat in lingerie as I did my makeup every morning, but also because I stopped focusing on what I didn’t like and started to think about what I did like. I forgave my imperfections because I recognized my critical eye and did my best to tame it. Always remember, you are your harshest critic. And while sometimes we need to check ourselves, you’re the only one who’s allowed to be.

2. Actually looking forward to touching myself 

Okay, so obviously I have been masturbating for a long time, like most women. But it wasn’t until maybe the past year that I stopped feeling guilty about it and started truly enjoying it and most importantly, enjoying myself. If I don’t feel comfortable fucking myself, how am I going to feel comfortable fucking anyone else? RuPaul’s, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?!” motto goes for this too. I relaxed. I stopped thinking about the “fact” that I was the only person doing this when I realized I wasn’t, and that a lot of my friends do too. Stop feeling guilty and love your vagina. It wants you to. While you’re at it, buy a vibrator, because that’s REALLY what it wants.

3. Empowering music 

You know what got me through college singledom? Beyoncé, Madonna, and Gaga: the queens of my world when I was 20. Whether it was Gaga singing that no boy was gonna reach her telephone, or Beyoncé telling us to bust out our freakum dress, or Madonna telling us not to settle for any guy who wouldn’t express himself – I was on a mission to be a bad ass bitch walkin’ the streets of Southern California.

Now I listen to all sorts of music that makes me feel good. My queen inspiration library has only grown. When you’re feeling low or insecure on those down days, listen to something upbeat. Something that makes you feel good or like you can take on the world one breath at a time. Like Ru always says, “Cover girl, put that bass in your walk!” It works every time, even if you’re not a drag queen. Trust me. Go find that song right now.

4. Dating men, not boys, and learning how to tell the difference 

This is a blog post in ITSELF, but I’ll keep it short. Obviously the definition of a man is unique to every individual’s beliefs. The first step is figuring out what a man is to you, and making sure the guys you date have the qualities you want in a lover/boyfriend/whatever. It took reflection for me, and some dating around, to figure out what I liked in guys and what I didn’t.

And when it comes to sleeping with them, make sure they’re there for your orgasm too, not just their own. There are few things as disappointing as a selfish lover, especially when they just don’t know what they’re doing. This goes for women too, if you’re of the queer persuasion.

Most importantly, find someone you’re comfortable with. Someone who accepts you and doesn’t judge you. That’s what makes the intimate times fun: comfort. That way you’re free to feel more comfortable in bed doing what you like with and to each other. Which leads me to…

5. Knowing what I like and want in bed, and being vocal about it 

I have always been semi-shy, but I can be especially shy in bed. In my head I was always like, “Yeah sure go for it. Do whatever you want. I’ll be good anything feels nice usually!” But no. No, no, no. Sometimes men (and women) really have no idea what they’re doing, especially with the opposite sex. If something doesn’t feel right, SAY SOMETHING. I’ve done this to myself many times, and usually I was less upset about what didn’t feel right and more upset at myself for not speaking up.

This is NOT to victim blame, but more of advice for those shy ones out there. First off, don’t be so shy, or just be comfortable with being shy. Accept it, embrace it, and move on. If they didn’t like how you looked or like what’s in your brain, they wouldn’t be fuckin’ you in the first place.

So get that smile on and relax, have fun, and tell ‘em what you want, what you really really want! Never assume, especially that they can read your mind. And if they’re uncomfortable with your shyness, or do nothing to relax you, girl you better drop it like it’s hot. You want someone who will nurture your feelings, validate that they’re real because they’re yours, and go through the experience with you.


Samantha Rose

@baddiesam on IG


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