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MIMP REVIEW: Jimmyjane “Magic Wand”

When I got the Magic Wand I knew what I was in for. I knew I wanted something like the famous all-pleasing, trusty vibrator/back massager that Samantha Jones used in an all-too-familiar episode of Sex and the City. I was not disappointed!
The Magic Wand isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s for the no-nonsense, let’s get this done, holy cow that felt great, super busy gal who just doesn’t have time to screw around with delicacies or ritual or fluff. The Magic Wand reaches into you and grabs your orgasm. You don’t even have to get naked for it to work. Just got home from the office and don’t have the energy to undress? This powerful toy with get you to climax right through your slacks. 
With one flip of the switch, it brought me to climax faster than I wanted to get there. It just came out of nowhere in seconds! The powerful, even vibration paired with the soft-headed foam tip made me feel completely in control but at the same time, completely out of control. 
Wow, a vibrator that successfully brings you to orgasm? Okay, okay not that original… but when I was “done,” the Magic Wand wasn’t. I actually did and do use it as an all-around massager and have since spent many afternoons with Jimmyjane orgasm, bubble bath, Jimmyjane back massage on constant rotation. I think every gal/couple NEEDS one of these.
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