Me and My Opinion

Real girls in their own place.
Not too crazy and just a pinch of naughty...


By submitting photos, videos, and/or texts to the MIMP/Findrow blog network you are confirming that you are 18 years or older, own all rights to the submitted work, and grant us the right to publish the material on any of the Me In My Place blogs, apps, social media, and any other media owned by MIMP HOLDINGS LLC.

What is Me And My Opinion?

Me And My Opinion a unique place for every girl to show a side of herself she couldn’t share anywhere else. Our goal is to provide a platform special to the Me In My Place community, showcasing real girls, in their own place, with just a pinch of opinion.

What can I submit?


The thing we love to see the most…is you! Selfies are the best type of photo to submit; we prefer photos to be taken by you, and not a professional photographer. You can either send one photo or multiple original file photos (THAT HAVE NOT BEEN FILTERED OR CROPPED) to showcase a set.

Please submit a quote, or bio to go with photos to let the MAMO audience get to know a little about the gal in the photos. If you can’t think of anything to say, request a MAMO interview questionnaire to fill out. To ensure your photos are featured please take a look at past submission on the site and take these guidelines into consideration:

What are we looking for in photos to be featured?

• sexy!
• playful!
• full body
• chest
• rear
• legs
• your personality!

A Day With Me App

If you’re a selfie submission veteran, perhaps you’re ready to contribute an entire selfie set to be featured on our site and exclusive “Day With Me” App. Check out past “A Day With Me” sets, and inquire for more info on how you can submit your self-portrait set at MAMOGIRLS@gmail.com.


We love to hear your opinion on anything. We welcome all types of editorial contributions including fiction, personal essay and poetry. Keep in mind the tone of the site is on the sexier side, so editorial tends to be as well.
You are also welcome to submit photography, artwork, videos, confessions, and secrets, literally anything you want to share.

Can it be anonymous?

Absolutely. Submissions should specify whether it’s meant to be anonymous or named. If you would like to be credited please include your name (first or full) and any social or blog links/handles you’d like to share. Your privacy will always be respected here.

Who should I submit to?

You are welcome to submit here through Tumblr, but it is best to email the editor, Heather, at MAMOGIRLS@gmail.com. While she tries to respond to everyone individually, it is a demanding job, so if you do not hear back within a couple days, please try again.

How often can I submit?

As often as you like! If you’re interested in becoming an official writer on the editorial team, please inquire at MAMOGIRLS@gmail.com.


You must be 18 or older to be photographed for meinmyplace.com. The shoots usually take about 3 hours and are done at your location. MIMP is based in NYC is often on the road, so keep in touch. Don’t forget to include where you live and the best way to get in touch with you.

***All submissions assign Me In My Place a non-exclusive, perpetual, royalty free, irrevocable license to use these photos on MeAndMyPlace.com and all affiliated sites and apps.