Me and My Opinion

Real girls in their own place.
Not too crazy and just a pinch of naughty...


1. What is your go-to pajama outfit?


I basically just sleep in underwear all year round! But if it’s too cold I’ll wear my dude’s favourite Star Wars shirt that I’ve managed to steal.


2. What’s your current favorite song on repeat?

It was impossible to choose just one, so here are my top three:


Better Days - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

Kiss Land - The Weeknd

Do I Wanna Know - Arctic Monkeys


3. Where is the weirdest place you’ve had sex?


I’m actually fairly tame in my sexual escapades, so a car is about as ‘weird’ as I’ve gotten… so far.


4. What is your favorite holiday?

I absolutely adore India, I’ve been there a few times and the culture never fails to astound me. Although, spending summer at home in Australia is just as beautiful.


5. What do you want to be when you grow up?

I’m at university studying Visual Communication at the moment; it’s my dream to work in photojournalism.



Tumblr, where I post weird/interesting things: http://ipsoscustodes.tumblr.com 
Twitter, where I talk smack about everything and post hilarious things my friends say: @elbirrettnafne
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