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Sticky’s Adventures With Jimmyjane’s Form 2 (That’s a vibrator, y’all.)


(A good sex toy deserves a raised glass people!)

Until this weekend I had considered myself somewhat of a dildo purest. Generally speaking, if it looks like a dildo, vibrates like a dildo, and fits in my hand - I’m going to have an orgasm. Nevermind the fact that most traditional dildos are quite harsh, a little too firm, and become slightly redundant after a while… to me, why question what works? Don’t replace what ain’t broke.
I was slightly concerned with the shape of Jimmyjane’s Form 2, but thought, “Hey Sticky, why not? It vibrates, what more do you need?”
I soon discovered it does so much more…
Today there’s a skip in my step and a snap on the tip of my fingers. Didn’t even need a cup-o-joe to wake up this gal up this morning. Know why? Afterglow.
I’ve spent the past three days with Jimmyjane’s Form 2 vibrator extraodinaire! Now I know what Martha Reeves was singing about when she famously belted, “Jimmy Mac, when are you ‘cuming’ back?” Those are the lyrics, right?

I have not yet read all of the instructions, as I was too excited to acknowledge the fine print. However, I’m sure that I’ll discover even more useful tips and information once I do.
The Brass Tacks:
The Form 2 device charger set-up and various setting options are really self-explanatory, hence me tossing the instruction manual off the side of the bed.  Anyone who appreciates beauty in good design will undoubtedly enjoy this an Apple quality aesthetic. You guys, this thing is the iPhone of clit tinglers. Become an early adopter.
In just minutes I had it up and buzzing in my panties. The chubby claw-like design at the top perfectly surrounds the clitoris and the diverse settings allow for a multitude of “good vibrations” that made me go from “Hmm,” to “Ooo” to “Ohh yes!” in no time. I went round after round with no hand cramps, no bed-shaking hum, no ouchy hard plastic parts… just pure blissful magic. 
It’s low-profile, sleek design encourages you to take it with you on the go. The Form 2 has quickly become a vital addition to my pleasure arsenal and boy am I thankful that I’ve found it!
Order it here, and submit your review to Me And My Opinion…It can be anonymous ;-)
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