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I don’t know where you were yesterday, but it was hot here in LA…I mean HOT, and no I don’t just mean on our Instagram. The less clothes the better was sort of my Sunday’s motto. Looks like the lovely ladies of Selife Sunday got the memo…

It was nice to see some new faces this week, as well as our favorite regular, and always our very own MIMP stars.

If you (or someone you know…guys encourage your ladies to show off what you love about them) wants to be a Selfie Sunday gal, just tag sexy Instagram posts with #mimp #selfiesunday and we’ll find you. Or, if you’re thinking, “Hell no I am not putting my ass out there for my little ole grandma to see, then just discreetly email photos to MAMOGIRLS@gmail.com and we’ll make sure you get a little time in the spotlight.

Until then, let’s all give a big round of applause for our ladies this week:

@jimenights @nubioa_oxox @domxbomb @sarahsaliva_ @katrinaeugenia @heygirlface @kittiesnkitties

See you next week MIMPsters…


MAMO Editor

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