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Guess That MIMP Girl - Answer Key!

My, my…we got some good guesses on our little #tbt game yesterday. Nicky? Sarah Ritz? Nathalie?

1. Nathalie

This shot of Nathalie seems to be catching a little fire right now, so I though I’d pop it back on here… ;-)  new MIMP APP Version 2 almost done…  Full Android Functionality!  Yeah!

See all Nathalie’s grown up photos here

2. Sara D.


See all Sara’s grown up photos here

3. Katelyn


See all Katelyn’s grown up photos here

Don’t forget to play Guess That MIMP Girl next Thursday. We have many more fun throwback MIMP photos to share. You can always find the full photo sets of Nathalie, Sara, and Katelyn over at the MIMP APP.

Stay tuned for more fun stuff from your favorite ladies…And until then, Happy Friday!


MIMP Girls

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