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ET Phone Home

I feel like geekdom is pseudo-chic these days (thank goodness). Though I don’t play video games, never seen the Star Wars trilogy in its entirety (it’s okay if you hate me now), and the one time I went to Comic Con I just hung out by the pool the entire time, there is a branch of Geekville for which I am a proud cabinet member:

Extra terrestrials, UFOs, and outer space. 


Have you ever driven a few hours into the middle of nowhere and watched the sky for a couple of hours? Head out to Rachel, NV and sit under the stars in the cool high-desert air and eventually, you’ll see something you weren’t expecting to. Plus, you can stay at this really crazy place called the Little A’Le’Inn about 30 miles from the ultra-mysterious Area 51! (warning: for die-hard UFO geeks only)


Maybe it was the X-Files, maybe it was watching that Roswell documentary at too young an age, or maybe it’s just the concept that we are so small, and space is so vast and mysterious that makes me appreciate UFO culture, but I simply love conspiracy theorizing the crap out of the potential eyes in our skies! (Like you never played ‘Mulder and Skully’ when you were a kid.)


I may be a weirdo who likes to listen to whistleblower radio shows and alien podcasts, and who likes taking road trips to UFO tourist destinations, but you know what? That’s okay. I think we’re all a geek for something. 



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