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Tiffani Rising



Tiffani Rising 

(EXCLUSIVE Tiffani Thiessen interview/shoot for MIMP)


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“IT” girls just don’t seem to have the same longevity as the ones I grew up watching.  

There were two gals in particular that every “Gen X Guy” (including MIMP’s own ME!) went gaga over, the angst ridden Winona Ryder and the the deliciously saucy Tiffani Thiessen. No matter your gender, culture or creed, Tiffani was for most the epitome of universal hotness. They may have actually coined the phrase “girl crush” shortly after her long running stint on “Beverly Hills, 90210.” Not only did every hot blooded male desperately lust after her, every girl religiously kept tabs on her sassy style (midriff baring sweaters, anyone?) and perfectly cropped 90s bob. Before “The Rachel,” young women the world over wanted Tiffani’s do. Not to mention the fabulously plucked eyebrows and plump (au natural) pout. Ah blessed nostalgia, those were days before 20 year olds felt the necessity to parade around with collagen-induced lips (sigh). Of course these were just a couple of the assets that had editors clamoring to have Tifanni on the covers of Cosmo, YM, Teen, People, EW, TV Guide and FHM (twice!). 

First appearing as goody-two-shoes Kelly Kapowski in “Saved By The Bell,” she went on to become 90s sex-symbol/icon (everyones favorite bad girl) Valerie Malone. Whether setting trends or gracing glossies, Tiffani in many ways came of age in front of an audience of millions. For over a decade she’s been a TV staple, starring in shows considered by most as ratings gold. Then somewhere along the way (without me even noticing), she grew up, got married, and become a mom. And there’s a very good reason I may have not realized all this happening right in front of me. She hasn’t changed drastically in the last 10 years, she really does look just as good now. Working constantly, always picking roles that compliment her life stage perfectly, playing the characters (even the campier teen ones) that we all connect to. The cute girl next door (SBTB), vixen (BH, 90210), the hottie (What About Brian), the hottie (Fastlane), the hottie (you get the picture), then the chops-flexing co-star (Hollywood Ending); and most recently the clever (smoking hot) wife of FBI agent Peter Burke (in White Collar). If you ever wondered what it takes to remain the quintessential “IT” girl, maintain a stellar career, have Bieber sport your portrait on his T-shirt and cause Woody Allen to close his eyes to simply listen to your soft mellow voiceit’s time you found out. 

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