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Magic, Mike



(Michael Roark chats to MIMP)

pictures by @MichaelSRoark

words by Falene

If I ever find myself in need of a Hollywood heartthrob who also passed the bar (I might), or a lawyer with matinee idol good looks (who wouldn’t need that!), I may have just found the perfect candidate in Michael Roark. Now that this former attorney no longer spends his time in the courtroom, you are more likely to find him in worlds inhabited by Prada-clad vampires, net-savvy psychopaths and dystopian revolutionarieswho seem to have an unnatural penchant for all things leather. There again that does sound like your typical visit to the LA county night court, not that I would know of course.  

Without realizing it you are probably already very familiar with this in-demand actor, who’s guest starring roles in “The Vampire Diaries,” “Magic City,” “Rizzoli & Isles” and “Revolution,” has created a slightly insane shooting schedule for him of late. Then his most recent foray into film “Magic Mike,” just happened to be one of 2012’s most successful movies. Which he managed to achieve without stripping down to his mankini, or grimacing through a Brazilian buttocks waxing. After receiving the Soderbergh treatment, this month he will officially be inducted into the ‘6 degrees of Kevin Bacon’ hall of fame. As Detective Warren, he will be playing alongside Mr. Bacon in the highly anticipated premiere of Fox’s new serial killer drama “The Following” (airing JAN 21st). Whether he’s working with some of the world’s most critically acclaimed directors, writers and actors; or on (all of) TV’s highest rated shows, I have to admit Michael’s change in careers looks pretty magical.

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