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The Secret Fluffiness of Josh Stewart


Words by Falene

Pictures by Josh Stewart 

Josh’s ‘Heart’ illustration by Matthew Gray Gubler 

Having seen (and enjoyed) many of the characters that Josh Stewart has played, I’m not going to lie—I was expecting a rather brooding fellow. He so convincingly embodies individuals, who more often than not are slightly “troubled.” Men who are constantly perturbed, or teetering on the edge of something truly awful happening. Leaving us all wondering what the character does after the day is done, the scene is over and the credits have rolled. Truth be told I know I do and it’s never good. Whether he’s agent, mute or thief, it usually involves a window, a sense of foreboding and a large glass of Bourbon. I mean do you see ‘Detective William LaMontagne, Jr.’ going home, relaxing with a hot mug of cocoa and soaking his tootsies in the Foot Spa? Nor me, although he really probably should. 

So imagine my surprise when a few minutes after our “hellos,” I realized Josh Stewart is in fact one of the fluffy bunnies of the world. Those few genuinely ‘good’ people, who enjoy dappled sunshine and feeding ducks. The ones you would want to give big hugs to and protect from all the troubles of the world. Which is odd when you consider that nine times out of ten (on screen), it’s usually the world that seems to need the protection from him. The actor who portrays the ‘melancholy and macabre’ so well, has an alluring coziness about him. A comfort inducing tone, that makes you want him to read you a bedtime story before tucking you in for the night. It’s bizarre, but I think I want Josh Stewart to be my dad! WTW? Which makes no sense at all, as I’m at least one year his senior. So instead of trying to convince him to adopt me (*which I was very tempted to do), or that he and Robert Pattinson could pass for family; we talked about how utterly gruesome his new film “The Collection” is. As well as his impressive portfolio of fictional character names and why he wouldn’t mind being is his wife for a day.

I give you (the-not-at-all-creepy) Josh Stewart!

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